Who We Are

  • Back in 2017, TRIBIT was born with one singular focus: to inspire outdoor exploration while embracing the beauty of nature and the magic of sound. Just like stepping into a journey where melodies of innovation resonate with your soul, TRIBIT decodes the music mystery with the notes of “do re mi”.

  • We strive to make high quality audio accessible to all, orchestrating auditory brilliance. So now turn up the volume on your TRIBIT and treat yourself with better beats!

About "do re mi"


Do” epitomizes “Do the best” embodying our commitment to the pursuit of excellence based on continuous innovation.


Re” drived from the prefixes “Rely-on”, emphasizes a relationship of mutual trust and underscores our commitment to unwavering dedication to service.


Mi” symbolizes “Musicians' Music Mix”. Like expertly blending voices in a musical composition, we collaborate closely with our customers, co-creating products that resonate with their desires and needs.

What We Believe

To be a world-leading audio brand
Treat yourself with better beats
Co-creation with customersFocus on service Driven by innovationPursuit of excellence

TRIBIT Milestones

TRIBIT rebranding


Making the new chapter of the innovation, TRIBIT launched the new brand identity.

Trusted by 50,000+ users


More than 50,000 active users are using the TRIBIT APP to enjoy the fun of tailoring the sound.

TRIBIT design awards


The StormBox Pro portable Bluetooth speaker made a powerful debut, securing the prestigious 2021 Red Dot Design Award.

TRIBIT introduced RunStretch®


TRIBIT made a qualitative leap in R&D by the innovation of patented RunStretch technology.

TRIBIT XBass® was introduced


The XBass technology developed by TRIBIT's audio laboratory brings unique advantages to the audio processing of the product.

TWS series were launched


Expanded brand blueprint from e-commerce hot-selling products to different series of entire audio spectrum.

TRIBIT brand was established


A series of portable Bluetooth speakers has been introduced on Amazon in Europe and the United States.