Our Mission

We encourage people to get outside and explore nature in all its glory, and listen to sound wherever it can be found. We believe that great music and amazing natural ambiance should not be mutually exclusive. With this in mind, we continually strive to create innovative sound technologies.

What We Do

Our goal was to create your ideal travel companion - a durable, quality speaker to provide the soundtrack to your outdoor journey. We offer premium sound quality in a small form factor, tried and tested to withstand the natural elements. Less baggage, less charging, more music.

The Beginnings

Sam, the co-founder of Tribit, is a music-enthusiast who prefers to take music with him when he's exploring. He tested tons of speakers, but none had the perfect blend of sound-quality and durability. So he took matters into his own hands, completed his PhD, assembled an R&D team of world-class acoustic engineers, and got to work.

Here & Now

That team developed XBass® technology for better bass processing and the patented Runstretch™ technology for increased battery life, and XSound Go, MaxSound Plus, and the StormBox Series were born. Every Tribit product bears one signature trait: incredibly sound quality for outdoor listening.

OUR           TEAM

Behind the Tribit name is a team of audio experts, experienced accousic, electronic, and mechanical engineers from some of the world's biggest audio brands. Our team's decades of experience is carefully tuned to develop newtechnologies that improve sound quality, outdoor usability, and affordability.

We created XBass® technology for better bass processing, getting those all-important lows booming through your speakers, and Runstretch™ technology, which auto-adjusts voltage according to the audio input, providing breakthrough battery life.Research & Development is also pivotal to our efforts to develop premium-quality portable audio products. Our R&D team ensures that everyone has access to outdoor-oriented speakers with incredibly sound quality at reasonable prices.We are Tribit.


StormBox Pro and FlyBuds C1 Released

StormBox Pro, the first speaker built with Runstretch™ Technology for increased battery life. The speaker got the awards of Red Dot Design 2021 and VGP audio Awards. In the same year, FlyBuds C1 was identified by CNET as the Best Budget Newcomer.


StormBox Micro Released

It was granted the CNET Editors' Choice on the same year. It was also highly recommended by What Hi-Fi as “Best Bluetooth Speaker 2020”.


MaxSound Plus Released

The first Tribit speaker built with XBass® Technology, that outputs a more mature bass processing and modifies the dynamic of low-frequency, resulting in outstanding sound performance at any speaker size.